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A female mosquito will lay one hundred (100) to two hundred (200) eggs at a time in any untreated open water source and a successful pair can create a population of thousands in a single season. Generally, the more open, stagnant water sources available, the more mosquitoes will be present. Mosquitoes are responsibile for the rampant spread of diseases like yellow fever, dengue fever, equine encephalitis, West Nile virus and, of course, malaria.


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Delaware Mosquito News

Mosquito Control Unit aims to take the bite out of summer

by Ashton Brown

Delaware State News

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Mosquitoes Are Back for Spring

By Lindsay Tuchman


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DNREC seeks additional funds for mosquito control


By James Dawson


February 12, 2014


DNREC is hoping for some extra cash from the state’s coffers following last June’s record rainfall and the subsequent boom in the mosquito population.


Secretary Collin O’Mara asked Joint Finance Committee members Wednesday for $75,000 to better control the pests.

That money would pay for three or four more aerial trips, which spray insecticides to kill adults and larvae alike over widespread areas of land.

O’Mara also hinted at creating a mosquito control contingency fund, saying it’s necessary for outlier years when population levels grow exponentially.

“You want to capitalize it once and then you’re hopefully not tapping into it but every three or four years,” said O’Mara. “We have a couple different ideas. There’s a good model with salt [storing] and snow removal, so there’s a model there that we’re just trying to figure out the economics of.”

Nothing surrounding the fund has been finalized.

DNREC’s total proposed budget totaled $37.5 million, a 2.8 percent increase over fiscal year 2014.


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